At Waverley Oaks Park
it isn’t only about the space.

Significant investments in the park have provided tenants with the finest campus amenities to sweat, shop and dine. Numerous fitness options (including the newly renovated Waverley Oaks Athletic Club), a variety of retail options, and fantastic dining options for lunch and after work make Waverley Oaks Park a community office park destination to desire.


  1. City Streets Restaurant: A fun, upbeat atmosphere with full entrée and drink menus, one of Waltham's most popular dining destinations.
  2. Waverley Oaks Athletic Club: Newly renovated fitness center with all of the modern amenities of a full-service club.
  3. CrossFit Watch city: A gym that focuses on quality of movement over. intensity.
  4. Waverley Trail: Walk, run, or bike to Beaver Brook Reservation.
  5. Boston Basketball: Access to pickup basketball, a fitness area and locker rooms.
  6. Starburst Cafe: Breakfast, snacks, lunch and catering.
  7. Sichuan’s Garden: Modern Sichuan cuisine.
  8. Ailish and Aston Salon: Salon and Spa.
  9. Glow Tanning Center: Offering a wide variety of UV & UV-free tanning services.
  10. True Martial Arts: Voted #1 Martial Arts Academy in Greater Waltham’s Best Businesses.
  11. Bikram Yoga: Yoga classes suitable for beginners and advanced alike.