"I walk through the same front door as our tenants, so if they're not happy, I'm not happy."
-Bob Duffy, Principal


Waverley Oaks Park is Owned and Operated by Duffy Properties.

The Duffy Brothers built Waverley Oaks Park and today the next generations of the family and their team of talented employees remain committed to offering significant value and service to their tenants.

The principals and staff of Duffy Properties firmly believe that when your name is on the door and the bottom line you think differently, act differently and build quality from day one because you are in it for the long haul. That is why Duffy Properties manage their properties with teams of long-term employees or family members who make it their business to know what tenants want and need and deliver it on time.

  • In house construction that makes build-out much more affordable

  • On-site property managers to address needs immediately

  • A hands-on approach through every stage of build-out

  • Flexibility with tenants allowing the ability to start small and grow when needed, not just when the lease says

These are just some of the reasons that companies that start at Waverley Oaks stay at Waverley Oaks.

Visit www.DuffyProperties.com for more information.